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About IQ Tests

With dozens of IQ tests available online, why should you take our IQ test at We offer a certified, professional test that is guaranteed to give you the most accurate IQ score available! Our free online test will challenge you with a set of exciting questions, then present your IQ score and show you how rank according to distribution of scores for this IQ test.

Why should you take a real free IQ test? Perhaps you are curious about how you rank against the world or even against your friends. Maybe you are planning on having your IQ tested professionally in the future and want to see how it works. You may want to know if you are the next Einstein. With our real free IQ test, we give you instant results so that you can quickly evaluate your score and what it means. Take a Free IQ Test

We will present to you a series of challenging questions that will test your abilities in a variety of ways to give an accurate representation of your IQ relative to others that have taken our test. We offer the premium, real free online IQ quiz available. This is not only a way to measure your intelligence quotient – we provide a complete entertaining and educational IQ testing experience.

What is an IQ? Your intelligence quotient does not measure your current knowledge. Instead, it measures your mental aptitude. Your IQ score can give insight on your abilities and your intellectual potential. Our real free IQ test is designed for adults who want to discover their personal intelligence quotient. This number can provide valuable information about yourself or simply be a point of pride.

Take a few minutes to take our real free online IQ test. We have worked to create the best testing experience possible. Challenge your mind with our demanding set of questions and then we will provide your personal IQ and information about where you rank. What are you waiting for?

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